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All makes and models are welcome at our workshop.


We are able to offer scan diagnostics using the latest SNAP ON Scan Tools and

our large network of parts suppliers, including access to genuine parts for all vehicles, means we can have your vehicle back on the road faster.

Our reasonable pricing keeps our customers smiling and their cars AS NEW.



Tuning of your engine is like keeping its heart alive. A fully functional engine needs to be well maintained so that it is efficient.

Engine trouble could be indicated in a number of ways, from the obvious check engine light to having low power, strange noises and smells or smoke.

Regular servicing will help to reduce the need for major engine work.​


Some of the warning signs that your brakes need repair could be:

* Squeaky brakes 

* Noise like metal scraping

* Brake or ABS light on

* Brake pedal is soft or very    hard to depress

* Car pulls to one side

   when braking

* Brakes grab causing jerky


 Feel free to call into the workshop for a no obligation brake safety check. 

When you are ready we can fix the problem and get you safely back on the road

Log book servicing is essential if you want to keep your new car warranty as well as maintaining optimal protection!

If your car is still under warranty, it’s your choice where to have it serviced. As New Mechanical 
can provide you high quality services at a very affordable price, almost less than half of the cost charged by the main dealer.

If we find anything additional that requires attention and replacement while we service your car, we will  contact you immediately. We’ll provide you with exact information and let YOU decide if you’d like the problem fixed now or later. 
Upon completion of your car service, we’ll stamp your service book to keep your warranty intact and you will have a car that is safe, well maintained and running efficiently.   
Your vehicle's suspension is very complex with many components working hand in hand including, shock absorbers, springs, ball joints, tie rod ends and suspension bushes.
These must be kept in good condition to ensure your safety.
If any of these systems are worn or damaged your safety may be at risk. 

If you've noticed:

*  Your car dips forward when
*  Car doesn't handle properly     around corners
*  You're having to drive around
    corners at slower speeds
    than normal
*  Unusual tread wear on your tyre

Call in and see us and we can check all your suspension parts and tyres and advise you of any repairs needed, with no obligation. 
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